I look bad in orange OR….The curriculum is not working no matter how much I want it to!

UglyOrangeSweaterSo, you homeschool.
Or you are thinking about it.

You want to do “school” your way on your time.

So, of course you research, research, research.
You join groups who know about homeschooling.

They all say, “You should find a curriculum. They plan out your day and it’s so easy!”

Sounds easy.

They all use different curricula.

ABeka, Saxon, Time4Learning, Pearson……..     The list goes on.

Maybe they buy several curricula.

Now your child hates homeschool.
You are recreating school.

Most of these “helpful” curriculum packages will  (no pun intended) box you in.

Why are you recreating school?

Most of these curriculum packages are school publishers or part of one. They roped you right back into school and now you don’t have the school’s support. Wouldn’t it be easier to just send your child back to school? Maybe????


WHY did you take him/her out of school?
Was it to alleviate the mind numbing, drill, time constraint, & limited access to fun learning? Probably.

I find it ironic that homeschool curricula is sold in a box. Aren’t homeschoolers usually the ones thinking outside the box?

Don’t get boxed in.

Throw away the orange sweater. It won’t look any better tomorrow.
Expand your thinking.

What do you think?

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