How do you like your coffee?

Why not?

We customize everything else; why not education?


Coffee. How do you like your coffee? Is it almost too tricky to explain? Are you one of those people who rattle off what seems like a paragraph to say how you like your coffee? It’s your coffee; your way.

I was amazed checking out this site. San Marco Coffee boasts 290+ flavors. Gee, do you think they get the idea that people want things customized?

I’m hooked on pumpkin right now, but I know the peppermint mocha is coming for me next month. After that, I’m at a loss. Sell me on your flavor.

Phonebloks is a phone builder built of yes, blocks. Blocks of phone parts. What makes this unique is that every phone gets to be unique. The idea doesn’t focus on customizing colors, but instead customizes hardware. If you need a bigger battery, exchange the block. If you’re an elderly person and you don’t take many photos, get a bigger speaker. They even encourage the ability to swap out brand names so if you prefer one, get it. It’s all interchangeable. I love the idea.

I’m sitting on an old (about 2 years old) phone and cringing every time Facebook upgrades because I’m running out of space. This could solve my problem and I wouldn’t get all of the bells and whistles on an upgrade that I don’t want.

I would get to customize the phone for what I want; the way I need it.


How do you think iTunes came about? Yep, it’s named  “I” tunes. It focuses on the I. My way, my music, my choice, on my time; the way “I” like it.

I stumbled onto Knewton in the past few weeks. It sound promising.

Personalized adaptive software. It aims to use information gathered about a student to recommend their next computerized learning activity. Right now it’s aimed at college and high school level.

Why start there? Because one of the reasons customized education is needed at the elementary level is because there is no way that Knewton could market computerized software as a solution to kids who can’t sit still for 8 hours. It’s not developmentally appropriate. Sure, it could work in 20 min bursts, but they’re aimed at more independent learning. I get that.

So, what to do at the elementary level?



I have some answers.
It’s not as difficult as you think and you might be able to help me.

Is it worth it to be truly engaged in learning?
Are you open to the possibilities?

As I save this post, I see the customize button.

I think it’s time to customize my blog…again.

I’m learning.
My needs have changed….again.

What do you think?

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