Bump- The Tipping Point in Education

We are rapidly reaching the tipping point in education.

Malcolm Gladwell speaks of it in his book.
It’s also referred to as the Butterfly Effect.


It’s a specific period in time when life as you know it is approaching a change. It’s a change that has been building like a wave and is on the cusp of crashing to affect a landscape forever.

Education, and more precisely learning, has been on this cusp for many years. Organized structures of education are slow to adopt innovation, but other sectors of learning are at the tipping point.

L. Todd Rose talks about it in his book, Square Peg. He talks about his tipping point-the butterfly effect- complex systems.

We have all had those moments when you knew it was coming, but all of a sudden……it tipped; it changed. You knew. You finally realized….”I know.”

What makes changes? Sure, people, innovation, technology, but there’s more; especially in the fast-paced world of today. It’s all about connections.

This morning, I checked my work email, which led me to confirm a subscription, where a link caught my eye. I watched the youtube video, got inspired to Google ‘David Kelley’, who had several other links to investigate.

In short, I ended up here writing for my blog (which is what I intended to begin hours ago). Hours ago I had a different focus for this blog, but it morphed. It tipped.

Learning is morphing at a spectacular rate. More spectacularly than we realize. Try to catch your breath when you’re learning. You can’t. You’re on a roll connecting dots and it’s exhilarating! It’s a high.

Learning needs to tip for more people. It needs to be a high that so many of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

Ask 10 people what they’re learning today. Most will look at you dumb-founded. When and why did some people stop learning? Learning is exhilarating, but so many of us are too tired to learn. That’s devastating for our world.

Schools are no longer exhilarating. Education is ready for an innovation. Customize it. Connect it.

Help me tip it.

All it takes is a bump.

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