Holiday Rush

5 days until Christmas! Do you feel the holiday rush?


It’s the countdown until Christmas. You have less than a week to find that perfect gift. Don’t forget Great Aunt Sally-who likes nothing and tells you not to buy her anything (even though you must). Don’t forget Uncle Fred who has a penchant for all things Star Wars and the bratty twins who always reply, “Is that all?” with every unwrapping around the tree.

It’s time to fight about who makes the best Christmas cookies and whether or not cousin Sarah should really be buying her 6 year old an iPhone. But, it’s also about getting together with family and friends and wondering how you’ll fit it all in.

Amongst the madness, it’s those minutes you glance at Grandma napping on the couch that make you smile. It’s answering the phone to hear that your niece who lives away at college finally made her flight now that the airport is open again. That’s what the holidays are really about.

Whether it’s a religious time of year for you or not, most people see this time of year as the time to visit with family and friends reminding them that you love them through all of the distress and joy that accompanies the rest of the year.

So, take a moment to watch the snowfall in the moonlight, look closer at the ornament you made as a child, and curl up with the hand-knitted scarf from Grandma.

Feel that holiday rush.

What do you think?

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