McDonald’s, Common Core, & Taxes


McDonald’s is one of the most recognized fast food chains.

Want quick food? McDonald’s is your ticket. Want cheap food? Again, McDonald’s carries main courses for as little as $1. A $3 meal isn’t a bad bargain. Health? Well, they try. Sort of.

It’s not their marketing angle, but they’ve expanded their appeal through Kid Meals, apple slices, salads, and joined the coffee craze too. Diversity. Something for almost everyone.

Common Core is one of the most recognized set of standards in education.

Want standards to cover education from K-12? It covers them all.They draw conclusions about what children should learn at almost every age until adulthood.  Want standards for any/all states?

They’re trying to build new types of assessments to reach more kids. But so many people hate it. Too controlling. Too over the top. Too little too late. Trying to do it all.

Taxes are one of the most recognized frustrations with government.

They take too much. They don’t use the money the way we would. Poorly managed. Necessary? How much is too much? Helpful for roads.

Helpful to people in need. Helpful for new projects and getting things going. Helpful to all. A bane to all. Trying to solve all problems.

Notice anything? All 3- McDonald’s, Common Core, and taxes all try to appeal to and help everyone.

It’s where they succeed, but it’s also where they fail.

Appealing to everyone means you’re warmly embraced AND vehemently despised. Either get used to it, or be yourself and embrace you.

Education does the same.

Public education accepts everyone and therefore, is hated. They try to do it all. All ages, all backgrounds, all learning disabilities (and abilities). Help everyone and make lots of enemies.

Private education- Christian schools split into denominations. Secular splits- Montessori, Waldorf, University schools.

Not even homeschooling families can agree. I thought they would ban together fighting the educational system. I was wrong. Unschoolers vs. Christian homeschoolers vs. secular homeschoolers vs. crunchy mamas.

On the other hand, they all support each other too with resources and ideas. Trying to help them all is like being McDonald’s, Common Core, or taxes.

I know it, but I’m believing it now. I can’t do it all. I can only try to support some- the people who identify with me.

Being yourself flips the coin a bit. You won’t be loved by so many, but you probably also won’t be despised.

Do you really want to do it all?  I know, I don’t.

What do you think?

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