Life’s #1 Secret

While teaching in the classroom for more than 20 years,
I discovered many secrets.
Some were helpful, some were merely time-consuming, some changed the lives of others, & some changed my life.


I learned little secrets like writing isn’t so much about the format as it is about the intention & connection you make with people. I learned that bit of wisdom through teaching writing instruction, forgot it when I began to blog, & am slowly re-learning it myself.

I learned that promising an ice cream party after 3 months of quizzing the multiplication tables could be exciting, engaging, but not all that instructive.

I learned little secrets like giving ownership to children is much more difficult than telling them what to do; but SO much more worth it.

I learned that a comfortable paycheck, comfortable healthcare, and a comfortable & predictable job could be a threat to my autonomy & my love of learning.

People come from all different cultures, socioeconomic levels, educations, & influences. Some come with built-in anxieties & some are learned. Some people are born risk takers, some learn, & some stay in their egalitarian status either satisfied or frustrated with life.

People are not widgets. We are not different simply by color or by the apps we possess. We are vastly different with different perceptions of the world, different outlooks, & different aspirations. Even having something in common with someone doesn’t guarantee we understand how they’ll react in a situation. We are colored by the world around us in unending ways.

Trying to influence people is the same way. Reading about religion, meditation, inspiration, leadership, marketing, promotions, design, serving others, serving your own values, being independent, being collaborative, using your book knowledge, & speaking to the average Joe are all great ways to influence people. There’s no one right way.

What have I learned?

There is no one right answer.

Stop trying to follow the crowd, follow the leader, follow your parents, or follow your friends. There is no one to follow because

  No one knows what they’re doing.

Sure, some of us appear confident in certain areas of our lives, but dig deeper and you’ll find a broken story in every one of us.

Don’t worry about being wrong or being right.  Make mistakes, let people make their own, be there for others, be there for yourself and just live life.


If you thinking I’m full of it, search for “No one knows what they’re doing”. It’s the biggest life secret you’ll ever learn. Here’s one link to get you started.

What do you think?

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