No shirt, no shoes, no problem


No, this is not a post about a Kenny Chesney song.


As I laid out in my pool writing (it sounds a lot more exotic than it really was), I rediscovered a sign that my husband got me as a gift that reflects not only my obsession with flip flops and all things  summer, but also represents a salute to freedom and autonomy. I’m always one to embrace freedom to be yourself.


Whether you’re an unschooler, a public schooler, or something in between, I support you. I may not always agree with you, but learning is the core of my very soul. I can support anyone who is learning in their own way-even if your choice doesn’t work for me. If there’s anything I’ve learned during my career as a teacher and learner in every conceivable learning environment, it’s that everyone learns differently. What works for some, doesn’t work for others. And that’s okay. It’s more than okay. It’s how it should be.


Just as we have choices in clothing, cars, where and how we live, the coffee we drink and the websites we choose to visit, people should be able to learn what, how, when, and why they learn as they choose. It is a human right that the Founding Fathers should have written into the Constitution.


Call me a conspiracy nut, but can you explain why education seems to be the one area lagging behind in the free market? There is no conceivable reason why there are not more choices in education; especially for children. We are doing a great disservice to not only our children and their individuality, but also to the the future of our country and our society as a whole.


In the meantime, I’ll continue to voice my opinion and keep learning happening in my corner of the world in the best way that works for us!



What do you think?

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