Just Do It

Just do it

Those of you around my age probably know immediately what this is. It’s a symbol for Nike that accompanied their catch phrase, Just do it! 


What does, “Just do it” mean to you?  

Yes, the educational philosopher and Socratic teacher that I am won’t be telling you any direct answers again. Just like when I was in the classroom, my purpose in life isn’t to provide answers, it’s to help you find them within yourself.

Why do you think diets work or don’t work?
Why did you choose that job or not?
How do you raise your child?

Sure, it’s a combination of factors and people can always help persuade you, but if you’re opposed to something, it’s going to take a really long time for you to change your mind. There’s something preoccupying your mind right now and it feels right, but you’re scared. If it feels right, it probably is…at least for this moment in time.

So…..if you’re thinking it might be time to change your approach…….

Just do it


What do you think?

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