Only in homeschool….

Homeschools differ from traditional brick and mortar schools in many ways.
Everybody knows that.


                                                    Only in homeschool can you…..

piano boy


1. Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone……. aloud……… for 2 hours….every day…… for over a week…..straight.

2. Watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on video immediately after reading it….with popcorn.

3. Play games on a computer for 2 hours straight.

4. Go to a trampoline place for an hour and call it P.E.

5. Ice skate during school (okay, I actually did this at my elementary school, but it is rare!).

6. Go to the bathroom-WHENEVER YOU WANT!


8. Talk- WHENEVER YOU WANT …unless mom has a headache.

9. Design mods for Minecraft by coding them yourself.


10. Say you’re sick and still have school.


11. Curl up under the covers to learn.

12. Skip the uniform and wear your pjs all day.Fort Fluffy

13. Set your own schedule for learning.

14. Built a fort to do a lesson.

15. Alter your “learning plan” without a meeting…..and psychological testing….and trial interventions….and another meeting.

16. Turn a “disability” into an ability .

17. Learn at your own pace.

18. Have true differentiation of learning.

19. Use the approach for learning that works for YOU.

20. Have school at night…as a child.

21. Go behind the scenes at a business to see how companies really work.

22. Go on a late night field trip…..and sleep in the next day.

23. Write on paper you like…..with any colored pen/pencil you like.

24. Be taught by a teacher (many whom are former teachers) in a classroom of 1 or 2 or 3.

25. Can you solve real problems with real tools. Tools

26. Be startled by a buzzer or bell…..because you never hear them.

27. Work on a project for as long as you like uninterrupted.

28. Complain about your teacher and your mom at the same time.

29. Not have to live by the test and die by the test.



30………………………………………….What did I miss?




I’d love to hear your observations too.

Add them to the comments!

3 thoughts on “Only in homeschool….

  1. Love it!! Yesterday we went to the fun little Children’s Museum here and then my daughter told everyone that we spent the day studying science…which of course we DID but it was so much fun you forget it’s schooling 🙂


  2. I love this! I would add: study Shakespeare by acting in a real Shakespearean troupe… get a credit in personal finance by managing your own business… have the same classmates for your entire school career (and develop those sib relationships at the same time).. plan your own coursework… and the list go on and on. Can’t wait to see what others share.


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