Achieving Balance


Have you ever just dropped off the face of the earth? Okay, not literally, but figuratively? Well, that’s where I’ve been.

Sometimes you run at full speed for so long that it’s time to take a vacation from life. Well, though I’ve been here (and not on some warm beach somewhere) continuing on, life in the icy bubble that we call winter forced me to slow down and the first thing to go was the blog-at least temporarily.

In the meantime, I’ve been learning lots and learning that with age, some of the exuberance can only carry you so far until your mind and body tell you. no, convince you that you’re really not 20-something anymore.

Adjusting to new experiences and coming to realizations that I’ve been reaching towards for decades all came together. I’m still wiped mentally/physically. It’s exhausting, but it’s time to return to my little corner of the world and attempt to achieve balance again.
I just hope there are no trains coming in the next few months.

How have you been?

3 thoughts on “Achieving Balance

  1. I’ve been wondering where your voice went. Glad to have you easing back into it. I think the message of finding balance and focusing on our own well-being is something really important for all educators in today’s environment. Thanks for sharing!


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