What you’ll be giving up if you homeschool

Maybe school just isn’t working for your child. But, maybe you really hate the idea of pulling him out only to realize that you have no idea how to homeschool and aren’t really sure that you should. You probably have no idea what you’ll be giving up if you decide to homeschool.  Take it from me-you want to know the truth.


Be warned: the truth hurts sometimes.

Maybe you shouldn’t be homeschooling. 



Breakfast to Stay
Breakfast: Courtesy of Gratisography.com



Consider these and then if you’re really sure, you might want to think about it.



    • You’ll be giving up….dragging a kid out of bed at 6 am to put on clothes, shoes, and make hair presentable enough so they don’t get yelled at by the teacher for being a chicken-head.


    • You might miss buying new uniforms, new shoes (according to detailed descriptions), and don’t forget the detailed supply list.


    • No more bowls of cereal downed in 3 minutes or throwing a snack bar at your child in the car and calling it breakfast.


    • No more envelopes sitting on the kitchen table labeled Lunch Money $12.00, or Field Trip $36.00, or Donation for Teacher’s Secret Birthday Surprise $10.


    • No more forgotten homework (sitting beside those envelopes).


    • Will you miss the sour faces and backs loaded with backpacks and sneakers and extra binders as you drop off your child and maneuver around other children with the same?


    • No need to worry about your kid making the bus stop in time or standing out in the freezing cold only to watch the bus pull away as you open the front door.


    • You won’t need to write that note to please allow your child to go to the bathroom when he wants because he complained of a stomach ache this morning.


    • No more worrying about late fees that begin 1 minute after school is over.


    • Gone are the days of rushing home only to begin dinner while your child fills you in (or not) about the project that’s due tomorrow.


    • Will you really miss homework time at night?


    • No more parent/teacher meetings (unless you need an excuse to sit by yourself with a hot cup of coffee).


    • How precious were those precious hours at night seeing your children after dinner, after homework, after baths, after collapsing? They won’t be so precious anymore. You’ll see them a whole lot more.



      Yes, you’ll be around your kids a whole lot more if you decide to homeschool, but think of what you’ll be giving up too.






5 thoughts on “What you’ll be giving up if you homeschool

  1. And you’ll miss your child as the end- product of the ‘education’ (conditioning a better term) system: deviod of creativity, individuality, passion, critical thought and yes, potential genius. But at least you’ll be left with a more agreeable, standardized drone-child: powerless to see the REAL problems of the world, thus powerless to correct them, while accepting ordinance from, and having reverence for useless figureheads born of the selfsame perpetuating $ystem that salivates for profit while not even being able to acknowledge the immense beauty that is HUMANITY.
    And on and on it goes.


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