Seeds of Curiosity

Sowing the Seeds of Curiosity

Curiosity is a part of nature that doesn’t really need seeds.

It grows naturally…until it doesn’t.


Curiosity is a seashell on the beach, a ladybug crawling across the sidewalk, a rain drop sliding down the window. It’s not only artists who notice the little magnificent miracles in life; it’s also those of us who hold curiosity deep inside our hearts and minds.


Curiosity lends questions to the scientists and inspires the inventors.

Curiosity paints the landscapes and sculpts the existence of life.

Curiosity brings problems to the table and motivates solutions.



It tears apart thinking and ideas to shreds

only to weave it all back together

bit by bit

into a tapestry of discovery.


Curiosity sets boats to explore through treacherous waters.

Curiosity fuels the mind to research and heart to believe with relentless passions.

Curiosity is poetry, but it’s also frustration.



It’s uncertainty; and yet it kindles a flame.

It’s a reason for living.

It can motivate you to go on

when you just don’t think you can






Curiosity is watered by hope and germinates through determination.

It blooms through learning and grows our understanding.


Curiosity plants the seeds of discovery.


What feeds your curiosity? What feeds the curiosity of your children? Find out.



What do you think?

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