Why education is like a watermelon- Analogy fun

Education is full of fiber, juice, and can be truly sweet.

Without the seeds, there is no growth.

By leaving out the seeds (as in seedless watermelon), we no longer benefit from new growth.

Kids are being left out of their own education.

And we wonder why our garden isn’t growing.


In case you’re thinking….what is she talking about?



Education is full of fiber (learning), juice (fun), and can be truly sweet (engaging).

The seeds are the students. They’re necessary and without them, there is no growth.

By leaving out the seeds of students (as in seedless watermelon), we no longer benefit from the growth.

Kids are being left out of their own education.

And we wonder why our garden (society) isn’t growing.

5 thoughts on “Why education is like a watermelon- Analogy fun

    1. Hmmm….Something to ponder, Maya.

      Are teachers not also gardeners? As part of society, teachers most directly do the gardening though less and less so it seems. I guess I could add the weeds as testing companies always cluttering up the garden and acting like they’re stimulating growth. lol.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Mermaid Swims… Strait Way to New and commented:
    First, my disclamer is…. LEARNING MUST BE so many things, including FUN! I know a person who’s motto is…”IF YOUR NOT HAVING FUN, THEN YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT!” He always has a smile on his face and something positive to say. He is an inspiration. He was also a former F16, Top Gun Naval pilot, turned civilian, turned Mormon Bishop, now Grandpa. I wonder if he ever performed an unauthorized fly by, or rode a fast motorcycle like Tom Cruise. Ha ha. I taught his grand-daughter last school year. Hm. Not necessarily the kind of fun I like to have. More like drama.

    Ok. I Just spent an hour auditing my teen daughters’ droll Ednet Communication Course. I left when my youngest, Angel, soon a Sophomore, went to a lifeguarding summer job. In this I saw an escape route. Took it. YES! These last few weeks I have been wondering why Angel has not been willing to discuss her class with me. This selection is the first in a long series of classes toward completion of an Associate degree. This is in the footsteps of her just graduated sister. Angel is a quiet soul, yes, but Wow! Now I know why she chose not to share. Who would want to voluntarily, verbally relive some of this?! I walked away thinking I had just evidenced how to kill a love for learning! Don’t know how my oldest daughter has done this for the last three years. I have to hand it to her, she certainly earned her Associate, if for nothing more than enduring so much. All the classes are not like this one, but my one hour of still and attentive felt LESS the watermelon, and MORE of an undesirable impaction, what I would call Educational Constipation. Ok. THERE WAS NOT TEACHING, only student presentations lacking fiber, lacking juice, and certainly NOT the least bit sweet. The only thing sweet was being with my two girls and two of their friends. This is not just my ADD speaking, so unengaging was this instructional model. The point is, THERE WAS NO TEACHER MODELING happening at all. Also, What I learned is this: One person (me, 4th Grade Something teacher) can truly make a HUGE difference in the way students experience learning. The way I instruct, and facilitate is crucial. Decisions which allow for my 9 year olds to be CHILDREN in their own interests and passions, and with joy, discovery, interaction, problem solving, technology, and movement CAN make such a difference. Granted, there is this thing called THE COMMON CORE. Lots of room for improvement, but I am feeling I want to increasingly become and share more of my best. Truth is….kids deserve more than what they are sometimes getting from all of us in the business….and this is certainly NOT JUST A TEACHER THING….but yeah, sometimes it is a teacher thing.


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