Things you didn’t know about Teaching at a Juvenile Center…

Fascinating peek into another kind of classroom. They’re ALL our kids.


“You teach where?”  I can’t tell you how many times I have hear this question the past year.  I should be used to it now, after teaching 11 years at a public school on a reservation, I was used to that question.  Stereotypes is a very hard thing to overcome, and although it may sound cliche- overcoming them reveals some pretty amazing things.

I teach for the kids.  People ask me if I became a teacher because I’m passionate about mathematics, and I always say no.  I enjoy my subject material, but the thing that hooks me into education is my students.  I am here to help kids learn, get them prepared to become adults- and there is no greater need for that type of personality than a juvenile center school.

So let’s look at some opinions of my students that other people have….

~ They are there for…

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