A Lesson in Time Travel

I always love a good time travel movie and never got around to seeing in the theater, so when Project Almanac came out in Redbox today, I grabbed it. Though some of the lines are were a bit over the top for my tween/young teen, I longed to be able to discuss the premise of the movie with both of my children.


In the movie, several teens stumble onto a prototype of a time travel machine. They manage to supply it with the necessary energy that was previously lacking (in a reasonably believable way) and then plunge headlong into a predictable, but enjoyable journey to alter their lives. Yes, winning the lottery, getting the girl, and handling a bully are all teenage dilemmas that we wish we could change, but these teens also have to wrestle with the ethical dilemma that is inherent in any dream of time travel….

What if ……? 


What if someone was hurt  because of our choices?

What if someone was saved?

What good could be done if we could do it all over again?

Would we make the right choices?
Should we?

Project Almanac is an entertaining flick for the average kid, but add a gifted child’s attraction to a deeper line of thought and invariably ethics (along with the obvious scientific implications) will come up. Truth, justice, and goodwill….. for whom and at what price?

It is a right or honor bestowed; deserved or stolen?
Where do you draw the line?


Drawing out the intellectualism in all kids (though even more so in gifted students) can be a bland or a thoroughly engaging process. Finding the right resource can make a world of difference. I like using timely and current events for reluctant learners and video is almost always captivating for kids today.


“Intellectualism is defined here as a commitment to reason, inquiry, and abstract thought and is characterized by critical thinking, the ability to generalize, and ethical reasoning.”- Robert Grubb 


Take it one step further and let your kids in on a little secret….
Time travel is already possible; well, through a simulation. Scientists have simulated time travel using photons. Okay, we’re still eons away (in theory) from warping back in time to right the wrongs of our high school days, but if you could; would you?

Life is the sum of all of our choices. Albert Camus


What do you think?

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