Gifted-I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means



Gifted can mean bright, but it can also mean dimmed.

Gifted can mean superior, but can also mean inferior.

Gifted can mean knowledgeable, but can also mean misunderstanding.

Gifted can mean creative, but can also mean doesn’t follow directions well.



Gifted kids are not the happy-go-lucky, everything is sunshine and lollipops kind-of-dream kid that many people envy.

I wouldn’t trade mine (or myself) for the world, but what is inconsequential, mundane, and easy for you is NOT for us.



Gifted have different struggles and joys. Not better, just different. 



Gifted doesn’t mean fitting in, but can mean standing out.

Gifted doesn’t mean accepted in all circles, but can mean accepted by a few.

Gifted doesn’t mean easy, but can mean fun.



We’re not asking you to change for us. Are you asking us to change to fit your world? 



Gifted can mean nights of tears because friends don’t want to hear us ramble on about our interests.

Gifted can mean walking into a room and wanting to run out.

Gifted can mean that easy swing of the bat you have may never come naturally for us.

Gifted can mean those fun trips to the movie theater you enjoy- we have to miss because the volume is too much for us to bear.

Gifted can mean tying your shoes and feeling that sense of early childhood pride doesn’t come for us until much later because our brains work differently.

Gifted can mean those nights you slept through the night effortlessly were the nights we barely slept.

Gifted can be bright and beautiful, but it can also mean dark and lonely.



Your daily life struggles may be our joys; but all of the daily joys you take for granted may be the daily struggle for a gifted kid. Do you realize it works both ways?



Your feelings of comfort working with a group may be our nightmare.

Your ease of how school works is our constant struggle.

Your “perfect” is worthy of pride; ours is expected or not quite enough to be satisfied.

Your structure is our prison. Your lack of structure is our prison too.

Your understandings are often not ours.



Even after all of those differences, gifted children aren’t really much different from non-gifted children. They have similar struggles and similar dreams. Every child wants friends who understand and support him with his dreams and challenges. NO ONE’s life is perfect; no one’s life is easy. We all suffer with different challenges, we hurt, we think, and we dream.



Don’t be jealous

or petty

or condescending

or frustrated by us.


Just be our friend.


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