Trade you

I’ll Trade You One Gifted Child

Ah…. gifted. The label evokes feelings of superiority. Just dreaming of having a gifted child who runs through the fields of knowledge with microscope in one hand and telescope in the other while osmosis works its powers on her mind bursting with knowledge. Curing cancer in the morning and solving permutations while bathing. Little Einstein happily teaching crowds of children the finer points of grammatical editing skills and ecological effects of radioactive isotopes. Sounds heavenly; right? Of course.


But, it’s also laughable.


Instead, you may have an underachiever gifted child who resists “learning” anything, fights structure of any kind, cries at the drop of a hat (often, literally), and who suffers from perfectionism (that smudge means the whole paper must be torn to 100 tiny pieces and stomped on). Sounds like a brat, a problem-child or maybe a little less than a dream? She might be a gifted child.


Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have a fairly compliant child whose only focus is bugs (except hornets-where he becomes maniacally afraid and runs screaming). He watches videos about bugs, reads about bugs, begs to visit the science center weekly to check out the Biology of Bugs section, but also avoids the rainbow lighted area (because it bothers his eyes and makes him dizzy). His favorite food is gummy worms but can’t eat the yellow ones because yellow foods are icky. He might be a gifted child.


Still laughing; or are you becoming a bit nervous?


Then, there’s the jumpy, constantly on the move child who sleeps 6 hours a night, had colic until he was almost a year old now teenager who devours anything video. He designs Minecraft worlds on his own server, knows Python, plays 3 instruments, speaks 2 languages (fluently, along with elvish), sleeps with a sound machine (to quiet his mind), but at age 17 still hasn’t had a girlfriend because they find him “weird”. He might be a gifted child.


Gifted children are just like non-gifted children; except, they’re MORE. They can be more sensitive, more loud, more nervous, more thoughtful, more creative, more angry, more questioning, more introverted, more defiant. Just more.


I’ll trade you one gifted child….some days.


Most days, I wouldn’t trade mine for the world though, because they’re so much MORE……..



I’ve learned so much about Link and Zelda, nebulas and supernovas, construction vehicles, ways to make chocolate milk (without the chocolate sticking to the bottom), game theory, the brands of socks that don’t itch, Java, penugins, and that foam earplugs work best while watching action movies.


I’ve learned a whole lot about “gifted”.


What have you learned today?

4 thoughts on “I’ll Trade You One Gifted Child

  1. I know about this. Perhaps not “gifted”, but definitely felt “different” when I was a kid. My older son as well. The danger to gifted kids is that following your descriptions some at least are going to be diagnosed as autistic and dumped into Special Ed.

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