Playing Life- A Behind the Scenes Look At Being Gifted

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players…”- William Shakespeare


There’s a big, bright, beautiful world out there. Sometimes though, the stage can be dimmed for those who never get the chance to show the audience what they can bring to touch the lives of others. Sometimes, life doesn’t play out well for gifted kids and adults. Sometimes, we hear lots of directors shouting at us instead of supporting us in our roles.


1. Know thy role. 

Are you trying to be the center of attention or just part of the stage crew? See, everyone has their part in this production of Life, but since you think you know everything, you obviously need to run the show. Go, try it. You might be as good as you say, or you just might fall flat on your face.


2. Costume change.

You’re always reading into things and over-analyzing people. You demanded a role and now you’re complaining that you don’t fit into your costume and can’t play the part as it is. You’re difficult to work with. So what if the costume doesn’t fit well; you’ll live. We all suffer with it and you’re no different. Just be who we tell you to be.


3. Taking direction.

Everyone has been told what to do and they have no problems following directions; why do you? Why must you question what we tell you? You don’t take direction very well; do you? You act like you already know everything. Just be who we tell you to be and follow the script.


4. Places, please.

If you insist on taking center stage, you really can’t worry about criticism. It’s a part of life. If you fit in better instead of trying to steal the show you’d understand that this has nothing to do with you. You’ve got to know your place. Not enough people think you can handle this role anyway.


5. Reading the script.

There’s no ad libbing allowed. The scriptwriters wrote the script; not you. We like it the way it is. You’re the one trying to change things and all it does is upset people. We don’t like it. Not enough people like you so we’re offering the spot to someone more likable. Go backstage. We’re done listening to you.


6. Lighting the way.

Turn it off and turn it on. There’s no need for that many different shades of light. It’s either black or white, light or dark, day or night. Your ideas will only confuse people. People don’t want that kind of distraction and novelty. They already know what to expect. Stop changing things.


7. Special effects.

What do you mean you “see through” things? That’s a weird thing to say. People want big and beautiful- all within limits; of course. Why are you always pointing out that things aren’t as they seem. People love an illusion. They want to believe what we tell them to believe. You’re weird and you’re not as smart as you think you are. Everyone says so.


8. Audience

Our performance will be at the same venue; where it’s always been. There’s no need to change venues or appeal to a different kind of audience. People will take what you give them. Stop trying to change things.


9. Closing act.

Maybe it’s time you go do your own thing. Put on your own show-somewhere else.

Break a leg.



10. The show must go on- except it’s not a show. It’s your life. 

Leave others to put on their own shows. You’ve got your own style. Take center stage and own your role. We all deserve the limelight and you, dear gifted one, do too.
Own it.

We’ll be in the audience cheering you on! 


This post is dedicated to Raising Poppies-because there’s always an audience there that understands.

2 thoughts on “Playing Life- A Behind the Scenes Look At Being Gifted

  1. Reblogged this on Finkelstein & sons and commented:
    My gifted son was so happy to skip eight grade and fast forward to junior high. Primates school was way too off Broadway for him. I’m terrified and anxious and hopeful to see him succeed. This metaphoric post on the life of the gifted and stage life touched my soul.


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