My Kid is NOT Gifted

Some kids are brilliant.They get As, play musical instruments, and excel on the soccer field. Then there are the others. I love my daughter, but she’s definitely not gifted.


She gets some As in school, but also some Bs and Cs. She says she’s bored in school, but I think it’s more like lazy. Everything she works on she has to do “the hard way”. She always waits til the last minute, but manages to come out with a pretty good grade somehow. (I think they just grade too easily these days.)


My daughter wanted to play the flute. I think she thought it would be easy, but when she found out she had to practice so much, she gave it up.Ā  She said she got tired of songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.


She doesn’t like organized sports. That’s a real disappointment since most kids love teams like that. I wish she’d find something to do besides read and take off alone on her bike.


She’s just your average girl. She doesn’t know the difference between fission and fusion and prefers to read old Nancy Drew novels sometimes reading while hanging upside-down on the monkey bars or sprawled out on the driveway.


The other day she wandered into the garage where her dad was working on the car and began to hassle him to let her help. He laughed, (of course) and tried to get her to hand him tools for awhile. She said she wanted to watch him and even try to do some work herself. Crazy kid! Like she’s old enough for that! She drove him crazy with questions before he sent her away. How’s he supposed to get any work done? We love her dearly, but she drives everyone crazy with her questions!


The other day her great-uncle came to visit. We get together quite often and tend to have pretty spirited debates about topics like religion and politics. He thinks he knows everything and I have to laugh or defend my pre-teen when she butts in to our conversations. What does she know about the world? Sometimes she’ll wander off after about an hour or so, but sometimes she just tries to involve herself in the debate. She’ll drive everyone crazy with her ideas of justice when everyone knows the world doesn’t work that way. She’ll learn someday.


Sometimes my kid takes off for hours on her bike alone. I worry that she’s getting into trouble, but she tells me she’s off to her “Rock Mountain” to think. She’s 12. What could she possibly have to think about for that long? She says sometimes she investigates the houses they’re building up the street. Today she’s into architecture. We’ll see for how long. I’m worried a bit because she doesn’t go with a friend or even her beloved books. I guess a kid who still sleeps with a night light and stuffed animals at her age probably isn’t meeting boys.


Today she asked me to drop her off at the library again. Sometimes I wonder if she’s meeting boys or really is just going to the mall nearby. Sometimes I even show up early after a couple of hours, but I’ll find her with stacks of books reading in the aisles on the floor or looking through old newspapers.


I wonder if it’s a cover sometimes, but then she’ll come home talking non-stop about her “research”. Mind you, it’s not about neuroscience or particle physics; just crazy topics like aliens, The Bermuda Triangle, and Bigfoot. Her latest topic is biorhythms. The crazy kid is charting them and says she’s getting a subscription to Psychology Today. If they ever asked about those topics in school, she’d be brilliant, but since school is about more intellectual topics, she’s just our crazy kid. I just want her to stop running her mouth so much. It gets her into trouble at school a lot and she drives everyone crazy talking faster than her own brain at times.


I’m just glad she’s not one of those gifted kids; although they’re probably much easier to manage than the one I’ve got.

10 thoughts on “My Kid is NOT Gifted

  1. The conventional meaning attached to “gifted” seems to be something just this side of “autistic”.
    I love the sound of “your kid”. She is self motivated and alive, and has no apparent desire to be like anybody else. You are very lucky !!!!!!! She is lucky too. In 10 years time the only books will be in museums.

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  2. Lisa, you genius! This is a big part of the “Apprentice Yourself” framework I’m creating right now; we can’t leave to chance a person’s interest aligning with that of the people already around them because, for the most part, they wont and this is a quick way for people to be heckled for being “boring” and a “dreamer” and “please be quiet!” My answer to my brother’s endless talking on aircraft designs was; “go send these questions to pilots or aviation professors” and he did. The other month he was featured in the ‘Pilot’ magazine he’s subscribed to for ages. You know, the world is pretty cool when we give it a chance.

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      1. Thanks Lisa. This enthusiasm has flourished recently after having buried it for so long. When I was 9 I decided I wanted to be a teacher. “It’s my calling” I decided. Creating fantastic worlds in our minds while being enchanted by the real world around us, as imperfect as it is, is what I couldn’t help thinking about, all the time! To feel like each person, in their own way, can make a difference and help improve all the messed up things that are happening around us gave me strength because, at 9 years old, that’s what I believed. Then I looked at my classroom teacher as she explained something in front of us. She’s a wonderful lady, yet so much of what made her unique as a person had no place in our learning schedule. She had no time to be real, and we had no option except to sit and listen, or not. So I chose to hold on in the hope that sacrificing our present for our future was the right call by those in charge. That’s when I decided I could never be a teacher. Not if being a teacher means being OK with what I was looking at.


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