Why is my kid so weird ?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son, but he is kind of weird. As I sat down last night to a double rental movie night of Imitation Game and Woman in Gold, I curled up on my comfy couch with my popcorn prepared for an enjoyable adult evening alone. After all, I chose two somewhat cerebral movies that definitely won’t interest kids. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Can you believe my 10 year old stayed and watched them? He even predicted what was going to happen several times in advance. Maybe he just wanted to stay up late. At least he didn’t eat my popcorn. He said he doesn’t like the texture of it. Weird. What kid doesn’t like popcorn?


Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much.  After all, most of the time my son is more of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief kind of kid. You know, regular kid stuff. He’s read all of the books and watched the movies too. He has ideas for their new movies. Maybe he should become a movie producer; after of course becoming the inventor/scientist/physicist/astronomer that he usually mentions. What happened to good old fireman or teacher?


He still hasn’t learned how to ride a bike. He fell off of a little trike when he was 3 and insists he remembers and doesn’t want to ride a bike…ever. Yeah, like he remembers that when he was 3. He seems to think of it as some traumatic event. Falling 4 inches isn’t a big deal. Sometimes he makes a big deal out of nothing (okay, actually he does it a lot). Why does he think he remembers being 3 when he still hasn’t memorized his time tables? He’s horrible at memorization, but he sure loves video. Yeah, definitely not a gifted kid there. I wonder if his brother is conning him into avoiding bikes for some reason. What kid doesn’t ride a bike?
Well, video games are normal for a kid his age. My kid would play for 12 hours if I let him. He gets so interested that I have to stand in front of the screen for him to hear me. He’s already good at ignoring mom and doing his own thing and he’s not even a teenager yet! Lots of kids play those games though. My kids isn’t satisfied playing it like other normal kids though. No, he is obsessed with finding “glitches”. Half the time he even creates the glitches just for fun. Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to play the game and not try to mess it up? You should have seen both of my sons making the 3d dinosaurs 2d in his new Jurassic Park Wii game. They kept repeating steps just to be sure they could do it again- “flawlessly” they said. They think it’s absolutely hilarious. They’re in the process of making a video to share on Youtube to show other people. Why would anyone want to see the game mess up? Isn’t the purpose to PLAY the game? I wonder if they even know how to do that. My kid is so weird sometimes.


At least he’s not talking so much about inventing a time machine anymore. Boy, he really went through an inventive phase for awhile. Silly ideas about this and that. He’d really talk our heads off about it saying that it would help people all over the world. He seems to have moved onto more average kid stuff lately and that makes me feel more comfortable. Doesn’t every parent just want their child to fit in? How many kids sit around with their friends and read books like Theoretical Physicist: Brian Greene ? I think they misfiled this book in the kid section. What was my kid thinking picking it up?


Why can’t it just be a normal summer? Every time I bring up going bike riding or eating watermelon by the pool, I get met with anger. What’s up with that? It’s not a big deal to eat normal foods; is it? Again, with the texture stuff. Why is asking your kid to just be normal an anger issue? It’s not like I asked him to clean his room. I’m glad he’s not hiding food in there. Of course, who could find it among the piles and piles of Legos and books and oh, his fluffies? He sleeps with like a 100 of them because they’re “so soft”. Well, he’s 10 now, so I’m sure he’ll be outgrowing those soon. Let’s hope. Why does he have to be so weird?


What makes you say that?
Maybe I should find out more….



9 thoughts on “Why is my kid so weird ?

  1. My 11 year old daughter is gifted. She hates jeans but all other clothes are fine.Shes a vegetarian because she says eating meat is cruel.Shes not Autistic she’d just a bit odd.


  2. Sounds like he got autism, also you can remember things you did as three years old, I still remember some stuff from when I was two years old, you don’t remember everything, but special things like getting hurt, getting a new game and so on, you remember.

    He would play for twelve hours if you let him? Don’t, I play twelve hours daily myself, he will get addicted.

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  3. Sounds like you child may have some sensory issues. Being normal isn’t everything. Your son needs to be able to be comfortable with who he is, and careful not to criticize him for who he is not. Had he beem eveluated by an Occupational therapust or mental health professional. I understand because my 10 year-old son copes with some of the same things.


      1. Your son sounds just like my 11 year old daughter. She is also a weird one and she likes it that way. She also has a food adversity because of textures. Clothing is a problem as well, she claims jeans burn her skin, tags must be cut out, no seams in socks, etc..She doesn’t want to join anything or be a part of any group activities unless it’s educational or a public library activity. You will often see her curled up reading books that are high school level. She always obsesses over one thing like for example she collects My Little Pony stuff, even though she seems too old for that stuff and the girls at school tend to make fun of her because she had to have a My little pony backpack, but she doesn’t care what others think. Minecraft and writing books is her “extra curricular” activities. She gets straight “A’s” and tutors students. She loves math but doesn’t always do well in it. She likes the challenge of it…I don’t know if she’s gifted but I do know I have to learn to accept her weirdness….she already has.


      2. Sandy, your child is gifted. You can take that to the bank. 😀 Start reading Living with Intensity or a similar book about giftedness. It will help not only your child, but you too!


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