Is this secretly infiltrating your child’s learning?

If your child is just returning to the classroom or if you’re homeschooling, you may have noticed this phenomenon going around. It doesn’t matter if your child is 5 or 15, a boy or a girl, I bet he’s doing it.


It’s something that can be really scary or not much to really worry about at all. If it’s still summer and you haven’t thought about school yet, you might want to get prepared.


This secret doesn’t have the silliness of the Macarena or the camaraderie of the Electric Slide (I know, I’m showing my age), but it’s actually an impressive dance that you really do need to pay close attention to for your child to be successful in life. I bet he’ll be doing it whether you’re watching or not.

It goes like this:
Get excited about a new school year!
Hit the stores for the colored notebooks and really cool pencils!
Think about all of the cool projects that will be happening and all the friends you’re making!
(3 steps forward)


Must I go back tomorrow?
What happened to the cool project that was supposed to happen on day 1?
Why is there so much whining from children…..and parents?
(3 steps back)


Okay, so that worksheet wasn’t so bad and I get to see my friends.
New supplies and new friends helped me have a good day.
The cool project will involve more work than I thought, but I get to choose my topic.
(To the side, to the side)



Get it together.
It is what it is.
Some is better, some is worse.
I can deal.
I may even have some fun learning this year.
(Rocking back and forth-sometimes figuratively, but maybe sometimes literally.
Returning to start.)


Are you doing the Learning Cha-Cha ?

It’s the back and forth, the push and pull that goes with learning. The Learning Cha-Cha starts out as great fun, starts to gain momentum with the workload, and eventually you realize you’re back where you started; only (hopefully) with a little more smarts this time!



What can you do?


1. Know that the Learning Cha-Cha is coming.  Guaranteed.

2. Be flexible when possible and be tough when you need to. Try not to let it get you down.

3. Smile, grab a drink, and crank up the music.


Let’s get this party started!





What do you think?

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