Love Letter to myself

Dear Gifted Adult

Dear Gifted Adult,


Well, now you know-though it took you long enough. Actually, you know it’s not as simple as all of that. You have in one way solved the puzzle adding the final piece. Take a moment to stand back and enjoy seeing the full picture. It has been a lot of hard work, frustration, trial and error, doubt and despair, but you finally found that missing piece. It was there all along. But, you’re not done yet.


You’re probably feeling a great sense of relief after all of those feelings of being lost in some way. I saw them happening, but had no way to tell you. You didn’t have the knowledge or understanding of giftedness at the time and I was sworn to secrecy- some mumbo-jumbo about discovering it on your own.


I remember those days when you sensed something different about yourself. You knew deep down that you were smart, but instead took the intimidation or misunderstanding of others as some sort of misinterpretation of your intellect. Instead of embracing your own mind, you thought you were dumb. After all, you did come up with those crazy ideas, made everything so complex, and asked so many questions. Imposter Syndrome took over and you convinced yourself it couldn’t be you. Your grades in school slowly falling off as you got older were pretty convincing. Yet, there was still something there….


The day you wrote, “One day I’ll prove it to them” will always stick in my mind. It was way back before you were even a teenager. You used to look at people with astonishment wondering how you knew things that you shouldn’t and why didn’t THEY realize it. The day you wrote that line in your journal gave me hope. You made me proud. I just didn’t know you’d lock away that notion for so long. Luckily, as your understanding of your self deepened, that line came back- again and again. You knew there was something more and (being the research hound that you are) you never gave up trying to discover just what it was that makes you tick.


Your complex thoughts, your cravings of knowledge weren’t wrong. They were exactly as you thought-different. How could I tell you that you were onto something? Reading about those heroes in history with their crazy ideas like flying machines and theories that took years to prove hit home with you. Those visionaries connected with a deep part of you. You have that part of you inside too. You’ve always had the power. You just had to realize it for yourself.


Your endless questions-gifted.
Your preference for the complex-gifted.
Your love of challenge-gifted.

Your crazy way of going overboard so often-gifted.
Your fight for justice, honesty, and integrity above all-gifted.
Your crazy sense of humor that you know is funny (but so few people appreciate)-gifted.


It’s okay. Dry those tears. You wanted to fit in; to know you belonged. You do. It’s a wonderful group of people who have been waiting for you. There are no member fees, no tests to pass; just a quiet, firm knowledge that you’ve found your true self.


Now you have another task. Don’t worry; you’re up for it. It’s to let others, like you, know how to find themselves too. You know the struggles, the denials, the constant push down just to be someone or something that’s accepted. It’s lonely not knowing who you really are. They need you. Your work is not done. It’s only just beginning.
Don’t worry. I won’t leave you. I’ve never left you. I’ve always been a part of you locked inside. Aren’t you glad you found the key? Now it’s time to help the others.


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4 thoughts on “Dear Gifted Adult

  1. Wow, Lisa, your writing hits home! It’s almost scary because it’s “so close to home” but yet its comforting.

    It also saddens me so many of us went through the same. I wonder if we are a new “generation” a generation that bridges over a couple decades and is the result of industrialized education.

    Thank you for sharing this!


    1. I’m so happy my piece resonated with you, Nicole. Honestly, I’ve come to the realization and accepted the fact that we are a rare breed (though becoming more understood every year). Hang in there. The best is yet to come for all of us!

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