I Never Knew



I never knew…….

why my questions were so bothersome,

why my ideas were so different,

why my sadness was so painful.


I never knew…….

why my love of learning was so enthralling,

why the summer sunshine warmed my very soul,

why my life was so colorful


for I was a gifted child-unknown.




I never knew…….

that thoughts came differently for others,

that I could be intimidating,

that learning my way was unimaginable for others.


I never knew…….

that my loyalty ran deeper,

that my curiosity ran wild,

that I saw the world through a different lens


for I was a gifted teen-unknown.




I never knew…….

some would be jealous of me,

some would take advantage of me,

some would see me as a threat.


I never knew…….

some were struggling to be themselves too,

some would share in my quirks and understand,

some were like me


until I was a gifted adult who finally knows.





*This post is dedicated to my people.
I’ve been waiting to find myself for almost half a century.
Without you, I’m not sure I would have found my way home.*




3 thoughts on “I Never Knew

  1. Lisa, I “never knew” either. And that´s so painful. Now, at the age of 41, there´s not much I can do now but help my kids to carry their load.
    Thank you for your enlightening words!


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