Gifted Adult

You Might Be A Gifted Adult If…..

Usually, I write about children. I always write about learning. This time, I’m throwing a little twist in by writing about adult learning. Trust me, you NEVER stop learning.


I recently started a group for Gifted Adults to get together and discover what giftedness is and how it manifests itself in our lives. Most of us have mentioned feeling different or left out at some point in our lives. While that sounds pretty typical to lots of people, we’re finding that some of the markers of giftedness (or at least what we have in common), are atypical of the general population, but are bringing us even closer together due to our similarities. We’ve found our tribe. See if any of these usual and unusual markers fit you.


DISCLAIMER: Some of these are all in fun (though they are based on our true conversations)~



You might be a gifted adult if……..



-you kill all houseplants. After all, they can’t tell us they’re thirsty. Are we just supposed to remember?

-you’ve ever thought you needed to wear a warning label. Yes, deal with it. We’re just different.

-your first reaction to a mandate is something like, “No way” or CENSORED.

-you hate mundane tasks. Doing the dishes was voted as #1. If you see someone happily washing dishes, she’s not gifted.

-you’re facetious with the clerks in Target and they just don’t get you.




-you’re hesitant to speak up too often because you’ve been accused of being “too much”.

-you love books more than people (most days).

-you simultaneously love to organize, but seem to often be disorganized.

-you can discern the difference between Chinese and Japanese writing, yet can’t find the cellphone you’re talking into.

-you would love to design a monstrous library 10x larger than your house, but you’d have to have someone else handle it after the plans were made. You’re not into that part.

-you won’t open up to anyone (except your tribe).

-you like jokes where you have to think. Yes, really! Grammar jokes, math jokes, and science jokes rock!

-you love puns, metaphors, and all things unique.




-you know things. You “KNOW” things. You know?

-you feel as if people are condescending to you often. Who do you think you are?

-you love traditions. Well, your own version of traditions.

-you love to learn. Architecture, historical swords,

-you have ideas that pop into your head often-only to disappear within seconds.

-you hate routines. Back to the dishes thing.

-you find acting as someone else exhausting, but are sometimes afraid to be yourself.




-you know only that you need to know EVERYTHING in your area of expertise, or two, or three.

-you are intrigued by most factual information. Sometimes it causes a Google explosion to occur without warning.

-you want need to share your curiosity-inspired learnings with others (even if often they think you’re strange).

-you have ever taken apart something just to see how it works. Hopefully, you got it back together or it was inexpensive.

-you read every single one of these tidbits and nodded your head in agreement-often.



Is this you?
You might be a gifted adult if....



Welcome to the club! If it’s not you, at least maybe you’ll understand a gifted person just a little bit more.

4 thoughts on “You Might Be A Gifted Adult If…..

  1. Loved it! Was laughing by the end…..thank goodness for dishwashers!
    the vacuum cleaner and I don’t get together too often, either. The dirt will always be there, but you can’t always watch a transit of Mercury.


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