Am I Normal?

What is normal?

Normal in society is loving sports and reality tv, going to work at a job you most likely do not care for to pay bills that you do not care about only to collapse after work in front of the tv during the week or after the bar on the weekend. Welcome to normal. I tried it for awhile. It’s actually quite boring and very monotonous.

A normal child watches tv, plays outside with his friends, does his homework, and occasionally gets into a little bit of trouble. Some lecturing ensues and some grounding or a spank on the behind fixes normal.


I’m not saying normal is bad. It’s just not for me. Don’t try any of that if you’re not normal. Or if you’re children are not.

You (and your children) mess up- royally. Your kids have crazy thoughts about the sky falling apart or they worry about their careers (when they’re 10). They don’t nap on a schedule, go crazy if they are handed the wrong pair of socks, and cringe (at best) or scream (at worst) when the hand dryer in the restroom turns on. They’re not easy.

You begin to wonder sometimes whether or not you’re crazy because you can never find your car keys; yet neuroscience is passionately interesting and oh so easy (isn’t it?). You cry when something is heartfelt (like a video of a kitten romping in front of the sunrise), can’t stand the thought of washing dishes, and often wonder why people drop their mouths wide open when you respond in conversation with something oh so “not normal”.

What is wrong? Is it me?


Are you normal?
God, I hope not.


Normal is quite boring, predictable, and so mind numbing sometimes that it makes you believe that it’s what you want. It sucks you in with the promise of “fitting in” and “having it all”. It’s a lie.

Instead, you will end up feeling more alone, dishonest with yourself, and empty. It’s not a nice place to visit and it’s a really bad idea to live there.


  • There is no riding on the back of grocery carts when you’re 40 something if you’re normal.
  • There is no dressing up like a robot for Halloween in a costume you built over several months (after doing NASA research) if you’re normal.
  • There is no reading about existentialism and ontology and the metaphysical if you’re normal.
  • There is no irrepressible pull towards curiosity, experimentation, and knowledge if you’re normal.

*I’m sorry, but for you there is no fitting in with the crowd. Only standing out. (But, that’s a good thing.)


If you’re gifted, you’ve probably at one time or another wished you were normal. It just looks so….easy. It is easy- for someone who was born normal. You weren’t. Time to move along. Not much to look at here.


Instead, look forward to the struggle, the heartbreak, the depths of despair, the ‘where do I fit in the world’ feeling, the exhilaration of knowing and understanding (think Cognitive Ecstasy), the irresistible way your mind tries to search for patterns and solutions while making a million connections, and the every day insatiability of needing to know and do MORE. Always MORE. Welcome to the club.

(By the way, if that’s not you- you may be trying to fool yourself; or you might be normal. If you’re normal, these ideas probably won’t come up again and you’ll go on your merry way. I wish you well. But, if you’re up at night being pulled by the overwhelming feeling of it all, let’s just hope you bookmarked this post.)


If you’re not normal- you’re more. You can try to hide from it for awhile, but good luck with that. It’s kind of like trying to hide your horn and convince yourself you’re a horse.

You’re a freaking unicorn.
Embrace it.


More messed up, more confusing, more exasperating.
More fun, more interesting, more creative, more curious.

It’s your life. Accept it.


If you’re thinking that all this means that you’ll have to go it alone, well, I can help you out there.

You don’t.


Whether you’re perusing the bookshelves for information, searching for gifted places on Facebook or somewhere else on the internet, or just following your passion hoping to find like-minded others, keep looking.

We’re out here.

You just may find us in places you don’t expect.

Some of us may be hiding our alicorn too….but not for long.







4 thoughts on “Am I Normal?

  1. Would you by any chance be interested in sharing your writings on a new site I’m putting together to help other writers gain more exposure and a wider audience? The material doesn’t have to be original (e.g. posts already published here) and links to author’s home sites (in their own posts) is something I plan on encouraging. The idea is, in a sense, to create a sort of networking and cross-promotion hub, but instead of being explicitly for that purpose I want to allow people to promote themselves through their actual content instead of just positive reviews, reblogs, etc.

    The networking isn’t something contributors have to worry about either; the incentive for featuring material there is that I’ll be doing the footwork of building the platform and expanding the network *for* other people. If it sounds like something you might want to take part in, I’d be glad to have your writing featured there. The link, if you’re interested in checking it out: I’m looking to “launch” it in January and will be quietly building the platform and its reach, both before and after the intended start date.

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  2. For me, normal can be an interesting place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. For a Sesame Street analogy, listen to Ernie’s song “I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon.”


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