A Christmas Wish for The Lost Souls

Last year at this time, I still didn’t know.

I didn’t know why I asked so many questions,
wondered and worried so much,
bothered people with my energy,
and had so many ideas.

Now, I know.

Though I didn’t discover my own giftedness until recently, I can say that it has changed my world.

It has opened my world to possibilities I never knew I had.

I remember how sometimes I’d wonder if my wild ideas were merely illusions. I felt as if I was fooling myself to think, create, imagine, and dream.

To those of you who have identified and lived with your gift for awhile now, I’d like you to remember that though the glitter has faded…
you still have something that can’t be bought and it’s oh, so precious.



I received my best Christmas gift just a few short months ago under a summer sun. So, I’m giving away my Christmas wish for 2015.


I wish that all of the lost souls would be found.

I wish that dreamers would know they are right to dream.

I wish the thinkers and the questioners would know that because of them,       someone else will be inspired.

I wish that those with a gift would remember that they have a chance to            start a snowball of understanding that can roll to unsuspecting                        dreamers; to a lost soul who looks down at his feet only to realize that          the power he has to change his world and build his dreams has been              lying at his feet the whole time.

Share your wishes.
Share your thoughts
and dreams,
crazy ideas,
& schemes.
Be you to the fullest so that you may inspire the lost souls to search for their gifts on Christmas Day.

So that in finding them, they will be complete.

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