Gifted: Many are not

Many gifted children are consummate artists.
But, many are not.

Many gifted children perform well or exceptionally well in school.
But, many do not.

Many gifted children excel in sports, or forensics, or chess.
But, many do not.


Many gifted children are frustrated daily by the standard process we call schooling.
Though many are not.

Many gifted children struggle with tying their shoes.
Though many do not.

Many gifted children struggle to make friends.
Though many do not.


Gifted children have many of the same and many different struggles as other children. Often by labeling a child as “gifted”, many seem to think that the problem is solved and the student is served.
But, many are not.

Gifted children do not have it easier in the world because they have “a gift”. That gift may not be in mathematics, or language, or sports. The gift may be in creative design, in helping others, or divergent thought. Those gifted children may be overlooked, or made to feel less than, neglected, or ostracized. Often, if their gifts aren’t valued in typical academic areas, they are not supported in any way. In fact, many are not acknowledged or even identified. Children who are gifted often struggle with social, emotional, or physical needs. Gifted children are not elitist.
They are human.


All children deserve an education that suits their unique talents and strengths. Some children receive that education.
But many do not.



6 thoughts on “Gifted: Many are not

    1. Sometimes labeling isn’t all that bad. It identifies the individual so that we know what strategies to use in engaging the child to his potential. I have a gifted child who actually has difficulties in doing some of the simplest things and I couldn’t understand that. This post sums it all up. A higher IQ is just a number.

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    1. I would be honored.

      Be sure to let them know that I’m one of the many former veteran teachers who is now homeschooling her gifted child. Good luck on your endeavor to enlighten your school board. Stay strong.


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