I found this writer who has such a powerful voice yet is still struggling to share the words with others. I hope this post reminds you that you’re not alone. I found it truly touching.


GUEST POST by Vanessa Gray


I find myself feeling lost. I grew up in the Word of God. I know that both good and bad will fall on His children. Yet, I never imagined it would look like this.

I have always known my calling. I followed the “proper” path to get there. I pursued Godly desires in my life with a passion. I created a life exactly as I envisioned it to be. Yet, it is nothing like I expected.

I find myself in a place I never imagined. Crying out “Why? Where did I go wrong? It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” Yet, there is no response I can hear.

I have always been able to cry out to God and hear His voice in reply. His answers coming clearly to me thru the mist. Yet, I am beyond the mist; smack in the middle of the storm.

I find myself disoriented and without a compass. Lost in a land where I should not be. Darkness and despair overtaking me. Yet, my Lord shines brighter.

I have always had faith that could move mountains. Hope that keeps me going when times are tough. Yet, my own strength has unexpectedly failed me.

I find myself humbled before God. At the end of myself. It is in that moment I hear the words of my Lord, “Not thy will but mine.”



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