My Favorite Students

My favorite students:

~do not know all the answers.

~have “crazy” ideas.

~do not sit silently.

~do not have perfect papers.

~understand that though it may be Reading class right now, we can still talk about science.



My favorite students:

~write “different” kinds of answers.

~ do not learn on a schedule.

~are the ones begging me with their eyes to do something fun and different.

~enjoy the question, “Tell me something else you know that did not appear on this quiz”.

~help me to perfect my craft.



My favorite students are a challenge.


I know that I’m not a typical teacher.

I know that most teachers want quiet, compliant, and always successful students.


I’ve never wanted that.

I don’t want the typical students.


I want the questioners,  the different, the struggling students who make me dig deeper, who challenge me to help them find what they need. I want the students who want things to make sense and seek to uncover their own truths. I want the students who invent their own style as they go through life wondering about their futures.

I’ve always identified with the misunderstood kids, the underdogs, the ones that will see something unexpected and try something new. Some students will take chances because they think that just maybe this time it will work. This time will fit for them.

Right now there is no place for me in the system of education. I don’t fit in.


Is there a place for these kinds of students?




What do you think?

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