B is for Becoming, Blessed, & Blogs




I feel very blessed to have many others who peek inside my journey from classroom teacher and mom to the woman I am today-someone who wears many hats, embraces life, and looks back in remembrance, forward with hope, and lives every day as it comes. The past few years of my becoming have been sometimes overwhelming and other days full of unending peace. Yet, I haven’t journeyed alone. My blog has been deeply influenced by others and so today I want to share those who came along on my journey, many without even knowing it.

Upon leaving the classroom, I pretty quickly stumbled onto several of these blogs.
As you can probably tell, my heart will always be with learning.:

Saving School Math-Howard is leagues above me in mathematics prowess, but always has the most interesting and engaging insights in the world of math along with links to a plethora of other interesting topics. He tells it like it is and makes me think. He’s also become one of my greatest supporters to my own blogging cause.

MathLab– Bryan teaches on a reservation to a small group of students who need help with math. His classroom group is ever-evolving as students move in an out of his classroom. This is sometimes frustrating, but always interesting to read about as Bryan juggles his presentation of math and tailors his instruction to best suit the needs of his students. His job is never boring and his blog is fun to read about since he is always open to trying new ways to inspire his students to learn.

Math with Bad Drawings– Math, with bad drawings. It’s a hilarious romp through the real and imaginary world of mathematics. Ben has a unique way to make you laugh and make you wonder and think at the same time. He makes math fun.

Overthinking My Teaching– Christopher gets conceptual math. If you ever wondered what the intention was in the development of Common Core, Christopher is your answer. He finds a way to understand and make transparent the reasoning why it developed, yet he never went off the deep end into the nonsense that CC did. He’s a joy to read as he happily explores math with his own children.



My frustration with education led me to these gems:

InfiniteFreeTime– The almost always irreverent, yet always engaging frustrated teacher who straddles between the worlds of science fiction and science fiction. You’d never believe most of what he writes about education unless you’ve lived through the inner workings and that’s why I’ll always love the guy. These days he’s a burgeoning author and secretly (I believe) a plant to keep me going on days when life is too freaking unbelievable. Though we tend to forget about each other’s blogs for long stretches of time, somehow we always manage to make contact again. Eerie, but cool. Go read him and laugh.

Pauline Hawkins– Pauline was another frustrated teacher who had recently left the profession as I began reading her blog. We shared frustrations with the educational system and though we’ve taken different paths, I enjoy reading about her new life after teaching.

The Matt Walsh Blog– Matt calls is as he sees it. He’s a man fed up with bureaucracy and does all he can to make the hidden transparent. I began reading him before he branched out to be as popular as he is these days.

Heart of a Lunatic– Jack is another tell-it-as-he-sees-it kind of guy. Though he claims to have a heart of a lunatic, he makes a whole lot of sense to me. His approach is to laugh so you don’t cry when this crazy life makes no sense. That’s why I love his stuff so much.



While trying to figure out my son and my role as a homeschool mom: 

My Twice Baked Potato– Kelly was a teacher with a 2e son when I began reading her blog. We were both going through similar struggles with our kids though I was the first to jump ship and start homeschooling. She followed me a year later as we muddled through the evolution of our newfound teaching experiences at home.

Crushing Tall Poppies– Celi allowed me to peek into her life of homeschooling her gifted children. Though I never imagined my children also shared those gifted traits, I understood her struggles. She never wrote from frustration, but always from learning. I feel at peace reading her and understand that we were given special gifts through our children and it’s our job to live up to deserving those blessings.

Ross Mountney’s Notebook-Ross is a homeschool educator who always reminds her readers that learning is an adventure. Our daily lives are full of learning and Ross reminds us to use the blessing of homeschooling to help our child learn not only academics, but also about life.

My Little Poppies- Cait was another person who came from a role in public schools and ended up homeschooling her gifted kids. She is an energetic, driven, and very busy mom who shares her life to inspire others to learn their own way.


Relearning how to be me: 

Your Rainforest Mind– Paula spoke to me at a time when I was broken. Through her blogs, she gave me permission to be myself, to recapture the pieces I’d discarded as unwanted, and to find myself again in a new way- to find the real me.

Ramblings of a Gifted Teacher– Jeffrey is my kind of teacher. Though I never taught solely gifted children, through him I discovered secrets that told me to start investigating why I was different. I continue to relish his perspective and wish I’d had the chance to be in his classes or teach with him.



During these past few years, I’ve laughed, cried, and most of all, learned from these inspirational blogs. Who has inspired you?


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B sure to check out more great blogs!

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