E is for Evolution



Do as you’re told!

Grow up!

Get a job!


Why are we here?

Believe it or not, we are not alive, here living on this big, blue marble to get a job, make money, buy things, and be normal. Finding our true purpose in life is a long journey, but a valuable one for everyone; most especially the gifted soul, who can never escape the pull to “be”.

What happens to the socio-emotional needs of our children when we direct our children to the “good life” without supporting their understanding of our inner lives? Why don’t we delve into the core of what makes us human? Why is there no focus on evolving ourselves to be more enlightened human beings?

Giftedness has its heart and soul in evolution.


If we want to have moral leaders, we need to understand and nurture the inner world of the gifted. We need to understand the inherent relationship between abstract reasoning, complexity, moral values and the evolution of society. In forsaking the term, gifted, we seem to have abandoned much more than a name. We have chosen to ignore the rich, deep internal milieu from which moral sensitivity and higher level value systems emerge. We have forgotten the Self or soul of the child.  ~Linda K. Silverman


Though education rarely focuses on the intellectual worlds of the gifted, focusing on the socio-emotional world of the gifted seems to be an even greater loss. Without discovery of the inner world, how can you benefit? How can you affect the greater good? How can you and your world evolve?

Evolution involves an examination of the pros and cons of an entity, a contemplation of intrinsic factors,  and a determination that reveals which factors survive and which do not, along with the choice to manifest these in the outer world to promote the most healthy change.


Evolution picks and chooses.

Evolution responds to needs in our world.

Evolution begs for change, not haphazardly, but in order to become “more”.


As you clear your dependence on external validation, you become your own authority. You understand the news of the falling apart empire is not your news. You understand that the urge to grab onto ancient traditions or traditions of other cultures is a grab for security. You tolerate the time of disintegration and not knowing. You recognize and clear your personal fears as they arise. More and more you honor and live by internal promptings. You are always available to people/concepts/experiences that loosen the old framework and facilitate new perceptions. You surrender to ongoing alteration in who you are and how you relate to information and the world.
~Jessica Thayer


Evolution is our future. Do not fear it. Grab onto it, take from it what you need, and continue to affect great change for the better.




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One thought on “E is for Evolution

  1. Lisa, I love this post so much. I think it takes a brave parent to be able to step back and think about these things, and not just push for the “good life.” Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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