G is for Presents



G is for GIFTED!

Ha ha! I tricked you!

I’m not talking about the kind you receive on special days. This ‘gifted’ happens year round. I’m talking about the cognitive disability …or ability. It depends on the situation.


I know ‘gifted’ is one of those “whisper words”. You know, like when you don’t want to mention that some is an amputee, or a quadriplegic, or has some other disability that you find uncomfortable. Just imagine how they feel. Fortunately, for you, I’m comfortable with the word-gifted. It took me 48 years to find it and I’m holding on. No, probably not for the reason you think. It’s not a status symbol. It is just a part of who I am.


A gifted diagnosis and a bus token will get you on the bus. Actually, it will get you a whole lot more. Let’s go revel in the loveliness that is giftedness! Before you get too happy, brace yourself.



The Presents of Giftedness (the ones you wish you could return):

1. Giftedness will get you extra, harder work in school IF you do well taking tests.
Gee…doesnn’t that sound  like fun?

2. Giftedness comes with a lovely basket full of OEs. Some of these sensitivities will find you screaming with happiness, screaming with frustration, running in marathons, scratching that itch that makes you want to cry, writing endless stories, and reading lots and lots of books. Are you starting to wonder if I know what I’m talking about or is my Imposter Syndrome just kicking in?

3. Giftedness brings with it the urge to discover and explore, yet with those come the fear of defeat and loss that can be paralyzing at times. The highs are high, but the lows are even lower than you can imagine.

4. Giftedness tells you you’re different, you don’t fit in, your sense of humor is offbeat, and that people think you’re weird because, it is in fact true.

5. Giftedness comes with the whole death package. Yes, everyone dies. When you’re gifted, death is frequently in our thoughts, minds, and constructs. Sometimes in a depressive mode, but often in a curious, fearful, and wonderment way or through our frequent existential thoughts.

But then, there are the wonderful gifts, the blessings.



The Presence of Giftedness (the blessings you’d never give up):


1. Learning. Ah….the allure of learning. Whether it’s about Mercury’s elliptical and offbeat orbit , a creative way to set up your notebooks, (yes, of course I have links) or keeping up with your Goodreads list, giftedness means learning is never dull (okay, except maybe in school).

2. Our OEs (over-excitabilities) aren’t all bad. While some days you’re just wishing you could go to the movie theater without your earplugs, other days your super-hearing comes in handy. Being extra sensitive can be frustrating, but it can also help you discover the beauty that others miss.

3. Getting over fear is hard for anyone. For the gifted soul who believes perfection is obtainable (and I’m inferior because I can’t get there), we have a unique take on trying. When things come easily, so does giving up when it’s just not clicking. Accepting less than perfect (in our minds) is a constant struggle. But, when we know we’ve done our best work, it’s nice to be noticed, but we don’t care that much. It’s that flow state, it’s the closest to perfection that we’ll ever be and we love being there, whether you understand or not.

4. Being different is perplexing and uncomfortable often, but our offbeat sense of humor is priceless to us. One little happiness can turn our day into a success. Yes, glittery objects, getting over-excited about the latest sci-fi novel release, or finally purchasing that ticket to see your favorite neuroscientist brings highs that few will ever know. We love being who we are.

5. Giftedness doesn’t prevent death, but it sure inspires LIFE. While we may brood more, we also celebrate and appreciate life and making the most of who we are while we’re here.


So, giftedness comes with pros and cons, as does most situations.
We need to be proud of who we are regardless of the stigma attached.
We need to celebrate the many gifts of giftedness.
We’re here.
We’re among you.
We exist.


Maybe I should have titled it, ‘G is for Presence’?
It’s good enough, Lisa.
Move on, just move on.


A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvib

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