H is for Hundred


H is for 100 Hundred Things Gifted Kids Do:


Read about the life of a gifted kid.


  1. Read about animals.
  2. Read about the universe.
  3. Read about a nebula.
  4. Read about how the Orion Nebula is a diffused nebula.
  5. Read about  “Three Hearthstones” creation myth and how it relates to other nebulae.
  6. Watch videos on nebulae.
  7. Laugh at Phil Plait’s humor.
  8. Follow Phil Plait on Twitter.
  9. Watch Crash Course on Youtube.
  10. Use Crash Course as your homeschooling Astronomy course and have mom make up quizzes to count it as homeschool time.
  11. Visit the Sudekum Planetarium to learn more about the night sky.
  12. Visit the Dyer Observatory.
  13. Ask tons of questions about the positions of objects in the night sky.
  14. Go see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in the theaters.
  15. Go to the library.
  16. Check out books about Star Wars from the library.
  17. Read more books about Star Wars from the library.
  18. Watch the video The Martian.
  19. Watch videos about all of the planets.
  20. Research Mercury’s crazy orbit patterns.
  21. Notice the pattern of how the birds in the backyard communicate and fly and share with family.
  22. Eat pizza at usual pizza place.
  23. Ask why anyone would think that purchasing a large pizza when the x-large pizza is “obviously a better deal”.
  24. Play Lego Lord of the Rings on WiiU.
  25. Watch the movie Lord of the Rings.
  26. Find out that there’s a crater on Mercury named after Tolkien.
  27. Play Minecraft with a friend….3 years older than you.
  28. Wonder if your new friend will come to your birthday party.
  29. Comment that age has nothing to do with who a person really is, and friends should just be people who like playing with you at any age.
  30. Wonder why some people don’t like other people.
  31. Wonder why some people don’t get gifted kids.
  32. Ask mom what’s in the book she got titled, ‘When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All The Answers’ by Delisle and Galbraith.
  33. Ask where there are other gifted homeschoolers because sometimes it’s lonely.
  34. Worry about going into sixth grade.
  35. Ask mom late at night if she ever felt like there was something she was supposed to be doing, but she couldn’t because she was a kid.
  36. Ask mom how much it costs to buy a house.
  37. Ask mom why schools always want you to learn what they want you to learn.
  38. Show mom pictures of cute penguins.
  39. Go eat pizza and go to Walmart with dad.
  40. Play with baseballs with dad outside.
  41. Ask if being out for 2 hours is long enough to watch Minecraft Youtube videos.
  42. Complain that something smells.
  43. Refuse to take bath until ‘later’.
  44. Refuse to clean up room until you realize no video until it happens.
  45. Move Legos to one side of room to make a path.
  46. Gather books in piles of 10 and throw in collection basket in room.
  47. Gather 4 blankets in bed and look underneath for stray books and Legos.
  48. Play with Legos until mom reminds you to be cleaning.
  49. Finish cleaning. After 10 hours of cleaning room, go play video games.
  50. Complete Lego Lord of the Rings game on Wii U.
  51. Attempt to unlock all 74 Lego characters.
  52. Unlock 62 characters, but find a glitch along the way too.
  53. Attempt to glitch game and crash it instead.
  54. Glitch game again and grab extra hidden objects.
  55. Share glitches with other friends.
  56. Watch glitches and how to hack games on Youtube.
  57. Hack Star Wars Battlefront hiding in place (carefully so you don’t fall into abyss) until everyone on opposing team is killed. Win game.
  58. Continue hacking games. Hack Lego Jurassic Park making all dinosaurs 2 dimensional.
  59. Share hacking discovery with friends.
  60. Obsessively watch videos to hack Lego games.
  61. Sing  Lord of the Rings theme music…..everywhere.
  62. Tell older brother to add Lord of the Rings theme to ringtones.
  63. Complain that waiting until 13 for a cell phone seems unfair when everyone else in the family has one.
  64. Vow to unlock parental passcode on tablet. Begin secret plans to hack in.
  65. Lose tablet and blame family for loss.
  66. Search for ways to hack parent passcode on tablet when it is found.
  67. Eat pizza at new restaurant. Complain that it doesn’t taste like the pizza at usual restaurant and that there’s a weird smell.
  68. Ask why everyone goes to sleep so early at 10:30.
  69. Wake up mom at 11:30 because you can’t sleep due to too much thinking.
  70. Ask mom why Lego doesn’t fix games so hacking isn’t possible.
  71. Play with Legos creating a story about 4 boys who are inventors.
  72. Go to bed mad that everyone else is asleep and no one will wake up and talk about worries.
  73. Type story about 4 inventor boys who are friends (but not write because writing is too hard).
  74. Forget plot of story, but elaborate instead on inventions.
  75. Remember dreams of being an inventor before dreams of being a astronomer and after dreams of being a scientist.
  76. Vow to be a video game tester when grown up.
  77. Search for how to be a video game tester.
  78. Wonder if video game testing pays a lot and if you have to go to more than 2 years of college to be one.
  79. Tell mom that even when you grow up, you want to still live in this house.
  80. Tell mom that if she hits the lottery, you’ll buy this house.
  81. Tell mom you want to live here forever.
  82. Tell mom you want your own apartment and will probably move out when you’re 18 and become an official video game tester.
  83. Think about making your 4 inventor boys story into a video game.
  84. Tell mom that writing the story is hard because you can only picture the video game now.
  85. Tell mom the video game should have lots of choices because if it is only played through one way, it would be too fast and so it would be boring and no one would want to buy it and then- new job.
  86. Wonder if maybe talking to Nintendo about idea would help the game get made.
  87. Complain about too much schoolwork.
  88. Build Mario Maker level and watch in awe at automatic levels.
  89. Create and upload an automatic level that will never be as good as other people’s.
  90. Get 123 plays in one day but worry that making games will never be achieved because of not being good enough.
  91. Watch other automatic games and use ideas until one is good enough, but not great like other people’s.
  92. Wish to invite over friends.
  93. Wish friends weren’t always so busy and wonder if friends will EVER come over again.
  94. Wonder if all of the Star Wars videos are at the library for rental. Go get 5 of them and put all of the others on hold.
  95. Tell mom about the different weapons and vehicles in Star Wars.
  96. Compare/contrast with weapons in Star Wars Battlefront.
  97. Compare/ contrast with weapons in Splatoon.
  98. Create new weapon (only in mind) and tell everyone about it.
  99. Watch video on making of Star Wars behind the scenes.
  100. Wish mom wouldn’t write blog posts about your life.


A week in the life of a gifted kid.


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