L is for Learning My Way


Different people learn differently.

I’m often asked how I can come up with ideas for learning so effortlessly.
The short answer is -lots of practice.

Somehow it’s easy for me to see connections with learning. I can take a concept or standard and extrapolate it to include any subject, level, interest, or learning style. High school might be tricky for me, but elementary/middle school is a piece of cake.

I’ve spent lots of time being a teacher, but even more time being a learner, frustrated, bored, restless, curious, and exhilarated by learning. It didn’t come easily at first. I used to follow the book and follow the pack, but after a few years I realized that it was time to ditch the standard lessons.

I’ve had to learn my way.



Who is your teacher?

You may have a person who leads your class in school or college, but is that person really your teacher, or more the director of required work? Do they have a style or approach to learning that conflicts with how you learn? You may be able to get around it. You probably can if you really want to put some effort into it. You can be your own teacher. I do that often. I’ve always been self-directed.

I’ve had to learn my way.




Let me try to give you a peek into how I see learning.

Everything in life is connected. Yes, art and math go together just as well as reading and welding. As I’m typing it, I’ve already begun connecting the dots.



Let’s put Art and Math together. 


Let’s say you enjoy art, but you’re faced with learning math. Keep in mind that both art AND math are all about patterns. Looking for patterns enables you to identify rules, continue patterns, manipulate patterns, and create new patterns.
Multiplication can be visually described using an array. Most teachers opt for this to demonstrate the math, but

why not this?         images

Patterns, colors, shapes, design, and movement are all important elements of mathematics. Something as simple as color coding or varying the shapes and patterns can take an uninterested artistic into a mathematician.

The Area Model for Multiplication



Okay, too easy?


Let’s try Reading and welding.

Honestly, the two seemingly different concepts just popped into my head. Yeah….read about welding. Do you really think that learning how to weld by reading a technical manual isn’t a worthy skill?




Okay, camouflage and Grammar?

Camouflage is used to disguise people. It enables someone or some animal to hide in plain sight. But, watch out, even camouflaged items can be found.
Hunt down the verbs in these sentences. When you find them, circle the action verbs in green and the state of being verbs in brown. Do you think a child interested in camo would be interested in identifying verbs a little more? Okay, lets throw in some camo facts too.

1. Polar bears appear to merge into the ice and snow of the Arctic, and grasshoppers blend perfectly with green grasses and shrubs.

CCo Public Domain

2. Color changing is another way to achieve camouflage.
Camo facts courtesy of Encyclopedia.com

CCo Public Domain




It’s really not that difficult. You just have to be willing to push boundaries and put a little effort into it. Sometimes, it’s as easy as Google.



Remember while you’re learning your way, make sure you’re really learning your way. 



A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvib




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