S is for Sherlock







I actually had several ideas for my post with the letter S, but when this one popped into my head I saw it as a chance to revel in my sapiosexuality. Sherlock was gifted to me by my sister who had a feeling I’d find the show both engaging and alluring. I was instantly hooked. Benedict Cumberbatch not only owns the role of Sherlock, but plays him in a way that I find irresistible (and no, it’s not only those cheekbones). He uses his brain.

Ah…..the brain. The most alluring part of someone. It gives you insights into someone’s thoughts, dreams, life goals, and dark side. The brain is our personality and our drive. It gives us away and holds us together.

Sherlock knows he has a brain and delights in using it. From vising his mind palace (where all of his learning is kept, seemingly organized) to his intuition, and to his inductions , he’s got it all together; except maybe for his emotions which sometimes catch him off guard. I love watching his mind work, listening to him ramble on about his deductions (or inductions), and always grin in delight with his irrepressible wit! He’s the whole package.

If you’ve never seen the show, but you find using your brain delightfully fun, go watch the last 3 1/2 seasons on Netflix and then wait in anticipation with the rest of us for season 4. He’s worth the wait.


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One thought on “S is for Sherlock

  1. I’ve never watched Sherlock but keep meaning to. I keep getting distracted with other shows on Netflix. Currently working through the Big Bang Theory so maybe Sherlock can follow that.

    Thank you for sharing and good luck with the rest of the challenge.


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