T is for Time




It’s one of our most grandiose concepts,
One of our most treasured riches,
And one of our most ignored daily happenings.

We waste it watching reruns.
We waste it running through our day to day, as we tick off our everlasting to-do list.

Until one day, we realize we’re running low and there’s no way to reload it.
There’s no way to add more.


If we had only known.

But we don’t know.




It’s in moments like these that we pause and watch a sunset.
Just long enough to revel in its wonder before we walk away.



I’m blessed to be where I am today.
I have a true sense of myself.
In a way I feel as if I’ve traded for it with time.

It often feels as if in the last 20 years, I did the most living.
I surely went through the most life changes and adventures.

I moved 800 miles away alone, found my dream job, got married, had children, lost my dream job, and ended up more broke than when I started. But, I also ended up more sure of who I am, what I want, and what I believe.

I traded time for my sense of self.



As I enter mid-life, I wonder what I’ll do with the remaining time I have on earth. I have a chance to change, embrace my time, or watch it slip through my fingers.

I hope I make the right choices and live the kind of life I can be proud of…
no matter how much time I have left.






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