What I Learned When I Dyed My Hair Purple

First of all, let me say two things:

1. I’ve always wanted purple hair.

2. I’m 50.


So, put those two ideas together and you have me being brave, being liberated, capturing my essence, and shocking a whole lot of people.

It was well received by female friends and was confusing to most of the males. I guess it would never occur to them to dye their hair, let alone an unnatural color.

To me? It was fun. I have no idea how the gray coming back will look. I’m thinking it’ll be kind of like a Storm moment. It may spur me to write that sci fi superhero novel I never knew I wanted to write.

I always wanted my room to be purple growing up too. Who does that? Kids who like what they like and finally want to do something about it.

Being yourself is good.

It’s about time everyone did it.

It was a long time coming, but I got my chance.

Now, about that tattoo……..



P.S.    I owe a huge THANK YOU to a great group of GIFTED ADULTS who I knew would love me no matter my hair color. I hope you have someone like I do!

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