Riding Out the Storm

In the midst of a political battle (trust me, this post is NOT about politics), our first inclination is to speak out followed by protecting ourselves. It’s brutal. I’m living the same battle with finding my child gifted services as he leaves homeschooling behind to find some friends and begins attending public school.

They just don’t get it.

Is there a way to convince people of something that you see so clearly, others see, and yet those in charge are oblivious to? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m finding myself longing for homeschooling again just as my son is settling in.

Is having me on his side enough?

As a former veteran classroom teacher, you’d think I’d be full of confidence in convincing others that my son is gifted. I know he is. I feel it, live it, breathe it, have researched it to death only accepting that label of “gifted” as a last resort. Trust me, it would have been much easier to label him something else. Why? Because even now there are many, many, many people who don’t understand gifted.

Is the term “gifted” made up? Is gifted a prodigy? Is it only a high achiever in school who can follow all of the rules, ace all the tests, and study hard? Hell, no.


I want them to assign my son papers where he can explore the universe, philosophize with a group of kids as they contemplate world peace, make a difference with a community project.

Instead, he will be judged mostly on his regurgitation.

Trust me, I didn’t sign him up blindly.

I knew what was coming.

My forecast isn’t very comforting though while I’m still caught up in the storm.


4 thoughts on “Riding Out the Storm

  1. Lisa-
    I am so sorry! Is it legal for someone to force you to enroll him where you live? Have you spoken with Hslda? They are vigilant advocates and a good legal resource.

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    1. They aren’t forcing me to enroll him. He wanted to go. As we are both introverts, we found it difficult to find like minded home schoolers and honestly he was just longing for peers. The school has been very welcoming, but the minutiae is a different world for him. We’re adjusting, but as they “only test in August” & as TN only serves “high achievers”, I’m afraid he won’t be served. I know he won’t be alone. Thank you for your support though. 🙂 Hanging in there.


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