Fraction-to-Decimal Division Table Noticings

Math Minds

Last week, I did an investigation on identifying fraction/decimal equivalents and interpreting fractions as division.  In previous years, I have to admit, I never fully appreciated this lesson. I could never get a grasp on how to not lose all of the great understandings students have about fractions and make it about division with the calculator. However after last week’s work, I have a new appreciation for the conversations it brought out in the classroom.

Throughout the year, we have worked with decimals, fractions and percents, so I feel my students are very comfortable moving between the three notations. They see the relationships between the decimal and percents for the /2s , /3s , /4s, /5s,  /6s , /8s, and /10s and know the percents for many (if not all) of those fractions because of our work on the 10×10 grid.

I opened this lesson with a fraction I was…

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