Super Powers

Have you ever wished to have super powers? Wouldn’t it be cool to fly through the air, save people, and be resistant to evil?

What you probably don’t realize is that you do have such powers. You may not know where they come from or how it happens, but you find yourself in the middle of a situation that needs your rescue and BAM! you’re there. You have many super powers that are hidden, but some that you use every day.

You may be caught up in existential angst worrying that the world is falling apart, but meanwhile North Korea is vowing for more freedom, you just made someone’s day brighter, and your child finally learned to tie his shoes! There are celebrations happening daily, but the bad guys want us to forget all of those and fumble in the mire. Start looking,- they’re there in plain sight!

Recently, an acquaintance of mine was “attempting to suffer” with existential angst. It seemed to have snuck up on her as quickly as evil (in its propensity) tries to do. Catching us off guard is an advantage we often allow to evil. After all, it takes stamina to stay strong.

As she began to wonder if her life really makes any difference, a fellow super hero (along with myself) flew to her rescue, reminding her of her importance. How nihilism and its fatalistic views creep into our subconscious is sickening. When evil strikes, I’ve learned jumping into the fray immediately is the best way to pummel it into submission and send it packing! She laughed off her confession as a lighthearted remark, but we knew the truth. Don’t give evil an inch because it’ll take a mile. Luckily, this round was won by the good guys!

It seems as though even good guys can forget their super powers. This woman works for Head Start. Though she realizes how good it makes her feel to help kids, she’d totally forgotten about the impact she’s making on the lives of those kids AND EVERY LIFE THEY TOUCH! Do you find yourself doing the same; getting sucked into routine and ignoring the fact that the world is a better place because you’re in it?

Are you one to visit the dark side, thinking it’s just a short dance with the devil, or are you the one saving lost souls? What we allow to enter into our minds will continue. Don’t let evil undervalue your contribution to the world.

It seems as though the whole ‘good guys vs. bad guys’ is, in fact, an over-exaggeration sometimes; doesn’t it? I mean, we all have our days when we feel down and we don’t go on murdering rampages; right? But, what if just merely changing your mind changes your circumstances? I know, this whole positive attitude thing doesn’t necessarily come easy. Yes, for some it comes easier than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t switch sides. It’s not too late to change your life.

Dancing with the devil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Attached to it is a whole lot of misery, stress, tension, depression and more. C’mon, do you realize the only time you see the bad guys laughing is when they’re harming someone? Does that evil ever come your way? Put on your cape and fight back.

When your air conditioning goes out, celebrate with a trip to the ice cream shop. Doing so won’t change the temperature in your house, but it will in hell. You’ll have shown the bad guys that you won’t let life beat you into submission. It’s time to put on your invisibility cloak and disappear from stress for awhile. Enjoy your ice cream while you do! I bet years from now your kids will remember the ice cream trip and forget the reason why they went. What a way to make evil squirm!

Isn’t it time for you to switch sides? It all starts in your mind. Your body and your life will follow wherever your mind leads.

Go save yourself and others. The world needs you.

You are more powerful than you realize.

What do you think?

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